Terms of Service

Please abide by our terms of service written below when using FreeToUsePhotos.com



All work submitted by photographers to our website is free for anyone to use, however, the end user can not resell or pass any of the photography off as their own. The original photographer is the owner of all submitted photographs on our site and has the rights to take action against anyone using their work in an unappropriate manor.


Submitting Photographs

Please make sure that each photograph that you submit has a unique title related to the photograph and a description describing exactly what the photograph is about.

We do not accept adult related material, please stick to the categories available otherwise your account will be terminated and your IP address banned from accessing the system.



Sometimes there may be a time when material is submitted that does not belong to the photographer. In this case, please contact us here with the URL of the photograph(s) and the URL or webpage where we can view the original material.